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The Bulldog’s Tail: Earning its pedigree since 1933

A history of the University of Minnesota Duluth mascot

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Mascot Costumes

The current mascot costume has been around since at least 1990, but there were two earlier versions. The first costume made its debut at a basketball game against Concordia College on February 21, 1959. Through the 1980s, the mascot actor was generally considered part of the cheerleading squad.

Car full of female cheerleaders with bulldog mascot sitting on hood. Caption reads: "UMD mascot 'Semper Victoris" and lovely, talented cheerleaders add to Homecoming festivities (See Homecoming story, pages 1 and 12.)"

UMD’s first costumed mascot poses with cheerleaders in the 1962 Homecoming parade. This photo appeared in the October 19, 1962, UMD Statesman.

Head and shoulders of person in bulldog mascot costume. Crowd is visible in background.

The mascot, seen here at Griggs Field, wore a large head and a long fur coat. Photo by Ken Moran.

Head and shoulders of person in bulldog mascot costume. Costume head had underbite with sharp teeth. Crowd is visible in background.

This photo of the mascot appeared in the 1968 Chronicle.

Group of women wearing cheerleader uniforms, four standing and five kneeling in front. The head of the bulldog mascot costume is placed in front of the kneeling cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Nancy Stubenvoll was the mascot actress in 1969-70. This photo appeared in the 1970 Chronicle.

Person in bulldog mascot costume. Bulldog has oversized head with underbite and sharp teeth, and is wearing a fur coat. Football players are visible in the foreground, and crowd in the background. Caption reads: "The mascot is a colorful addition to most games."

The mascot entertains fans at Griggs Field. This photo appeared in the 1970 Chronicle.

Bulldog mascot and two cheerleaders ice skating indoors. Bulldog has oversized head with underbite and sharp teeth, and is wearing a fur coat. Both cheerleaders are wearing uniforms and have their hands in the air. Caption reads: "Hockey cheerleaders perform on the ice."

The mascot skates with cheerleaders at a hockey game. This photo appeared in the 1970 Chronicle.

Color photo of person wearing bulldog mascot costume. Mascot is grey with a red mouth and is wearing a maroon and gold UMD t-shirt.

The bulldog mascot in the 1980s. Courtesy of Cheryl Reitan.

Photograph of Champ mascot kneeling on the ice. Champ is wearing a UMD t-shirt and ice skates.

This mascot costume was worn in the 1970s and ‘80s. Courtesy of UMD Athletics.

UMD mascot Champ the bulldog stands next to a man. Champ is wearing a UMD t-shirt. The other man has blond hair and is wearing a light-colored t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Both Champ and the man have one hand out in front of them in a fist. A crowd is visible in the background.

Professional cheerleader Krazy George Henderson stands next to the UMD mascot at the downtown Holiday Center in 1984.

UMD bulldog mascot Champ stands in the midst of a seated crowd. Champ had a grey head and arms, two large teeth, and is wearing a maroon and gold UMD t-shirt. Champ is clapping his hands.

Champ cheers on the Bulldogs at Romano Gymnasium. Courtesy of UMD Athletics.

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