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LibApps Library Content

Some Instructors may be interested in integrating Library Research Guides and Databases into their Canvas Courses.  It is possible to import content pages, boxes and widgets from our Library Research Guide into Canvas modules. This can make the transition between instructor created content and library resources more seamless and integrated.

Adding Library Research Guides and Databases

  1. In Canvas Faculty View, open Modules

  2. Hit "+" to add a component

  3. Select from the dropdown menu "Add External Tool."

  4. Scroll and Select "LibApps Library Content"

  5. Click on "Add Item" (Image below)

Select "Add External Tool" then select "LibApps Library Content" then select "Add Item"


  1. Select LibGuides Site: Research Guides -
  2. Select the Content Type you would like:
    • Guides and Guide Content:
      • Full LibGuide
      • Content Box,
      • Single Page
    • A-Z Databases:
      • All A-Z Databases,
      • Databases for Specific Subject + Subject Specialists

You can see below an example of an embedded research guide in the Canvas Interface 

Embedded Anthropology Research Guide

Below is an example image of single Research Guide Box embedded into Canvas.