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Finding or Creating Library Activities and Tutorials

Ask your librarian 

Librarians have a host of tools that they deploy to assist students in their research journey. Tutorials, questionnaires, and videos are designed after consultation between instructor and librarian. Librarians are collaborative partners in the design and implementation process and reserve the right to not participate. 

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Canvas Commons

Found in the left-hand navigation of the Canvas, the Canvas Commons provides an extensive repository of lesson plans, quizzes and digital objects, including library activities for all levels.  

Example of library modules in the Canvas Commons



For example, we can look at the "Anatomy of Scholarly Article," created by NCSU Libraries. 


Screen shot of the NCSU's "Anatomy of a scholarly Article" a digital object that allows students to explore all parts of the scholarly literature.

With Canvas Commons we can import the lesson into your Canvas course and provide students with an interactive exploration of scholarly publishing.

Screen shot of "Schoarly Articles and How to Read them" - a Canvas Commons module that can be imported into a course.

Instructors are encouraged to explore the Commons and share interesting modules with their Librarians. Most modules have a Creative Commons license that allows for the modification of content with attribution.

LibWizard Tutorials

The Library has access to LibWizard Tutorial creator which enables rich learning objects, quizzing, feedback and reporting. We can provide a meaningful learning experience that can be assessed. Editing rights in LibWizard is available to library staff only.

Below are example tutorials created for WRIT 1120 College Writing.

Other Learning Object Repositories