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Online Learning Resources for Faculty

Collaborating with Librarians

UMD subject librarians can work with you to help your students navigate the research process and evaluate information critically. Librarians can offer support for your courses in several ways, such as developing online learning objects to support information literacy and course goals. Online learning objects include tutorials, questionnaires, and videos, and are designed after consultation between instructor and librarian. Librarians are collaborative partners in designing and implementing online learning resources and reserve the right to not participate.

Canvas Commons

Found in the left-hand navigation of Canvas, Canvas Commons provides an extensive repository of lesson plans, quizzes, and digital objects, including library activities for all levels. You can filter content by material type and grade/level, and select whether you'd like to include resources from beyond the University of Minnesota.

Preview of four learning objects available for import in Canvas Commons. The first is a module for undergraduates titled “Library Search Tips and Tricks for Advanced Writing” created by Kayleen Jones. The second is a module for undergraduates and graduates titled “BIOL 3987: Library Research” created by Kate Conerton. The third is a page for undergraduates and graduates titled “UMN Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles” created by Brianne Johnson. The fourth is a module for all grades titled “About Scholarly Articles & How to Read Them” created by Ana Villar.

Importing Content from Commons

Let's look at the "Anatomy of Scholarly Article" module, created by NCSU Libraries, which has been uploaded into Canvas Commons.

Overview of the module “About Scholarly Articles & How to Read Them” in Canvas Commons. On the right, an orange arrow points to the blue Import/Download button, highlighted by a yellow rectangle. Below that button are links for favoriting the resource and copying the resource link.

Using Canvas Commons, this lesson can be imported into your Canvas course to provide students with an interactive exploration of scholarly publishing.

To import content from Commons, look for the blue Import/Download button on the right side of the page. You can select the course(s) you'd like to import into, download or favorite the content, and/or link to it.

Instructors are encouraged to explore the Commons and share interesting modules with their librarians. Most modules have a Creative Commons license that allows for the modification of content with attribution.

Other Learning Object Repositories