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Online Learning Resources for Faculty

Course Content Support

The cost of textbooks is a concern not just to students but also to staff and faculty of the University of Minnesota Duluth. There are several initiatives and programs that can help reduce the cost of textbooks, such as:

Course Reserves

The library provides access to some course textbooks (including e-textbooks) and other required course materials. This is a no cost service to students through our Course Reserves. Learn more about course content support offered by the library.

  • All materials are free to access.
  • Materials including books, DVDs, e-resources, and streaming videos can be placed on reserve.
  • Course materials are made available to students via the Library Course Materials page in each Canvas course.

Open Educational Resources

Open Education Resources (OER)

OER are free educational materials that can be used or adapted for use in class by instructors. The University of Minnesota supports the Open Textbooks Library, and there are many OER repositories available. We encourage faculty to email their subject librarian for more information. 

  • Materials are free to access online.
  • Materials are accessible immediately and in perpetuity.
  • Faculty can use OER as-is, edit the resources, and create their own materials. 
  • Students can print out their own texts (generally below $50).
  • Learn more from the OER research guide.

Partnership for Affordable Learning Materials (PALM)

Established by the Libraries at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and University of Minnesota Duluth, PALM is an ongoing incentive grant program to incentivize the creation of openly-licensed textbooks and learning materials. 

All current UMD and UMTC faculty and instructors are invited to apply for the program, which is currently accepting applications through April 5, 2024. If you have questions, please contact Hannah Jones (Information Literacy Librarian at UMD) or Micah Gjeltema (Open Education & Affordable Content Librarian at UMTC).