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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

Journalism Research Guide

Browsing the Shelves

Browsing can be a great way to make discoveries in your areas of interest.

The books in the UMD library are all shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

PN 4699 to PN 5650 is the classification range for journalism in this system.  In our library, these books are found on the fourth floor, and also in the reference section on the second floor.

  • PN 4699 to PN 4734 is journalism generally.
  • PN 4735 to PN 4748 is the freedom of the press and the relation of journalism and government.
  • PN 4775 to PN 4784 is for the books on technique or practical knowledge of journalism.
  • PN 4825 to PN 4830 is for amateur journalism.
  • PN 4832 to PN 4836 is for books about magazines and periodicals.
  • PN 4840 to PN 5650 is for books on journalism by country, region and cultural group.

Some other call number ranges you might want to browse are:

  • KF 4770 for the legal aspects of freedom of speech.
  • P 87 to P 96 for books on mass media generally.
  • The PE section for books on the english language, especially in the reference section.  (This includes dictionaries, style handbooks, grammar guides, etc.).
  • Z 657 to Z 659 for more books about the freedom of the press and censorship.