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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

Northeastern Minnesota COVID-19 Community Archive Project

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit materials to the archive?

Please contact us at to contribute materials to the archives. You will be asked to complete a simple donor form. 

I am not sure if the item I have is appropriate for the archive. How do I know?

Does your item document some aspect of how you or your community is experiencing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in Northeastern Minnesota? If so, it’s probably appropriate for the archive! We are looking for all kinds of materials, created by local businesses, government agencies, schools, colleges/universities, health care agencies and religious, social, political and other organizations affected by the pandemic. We are also hoping for documentation of individuals' feelings and reactions to the pandemic, routines for school children at home, examples of mutual aid, day-to-day quarantine routines, and life for essential service workers. 

Some examples of items from the archives are: A sign, social media post, or video created for your business directing customers to practice social distancing, or explaining your altered business model; photographs of scenes from around your community, such as empty shelves in the grocery store, or people in your neighborhood talking to each other while standing six feet apart; materials from your place of worship explaining the move to online services; photographs of public art, such as chalk art on sidewalks, or paper hearts posted in windows; homeschool schedules or other daily routines; your own journal entries (written, audio, or video) documenting your quarantine experience. 

If you have a question about whether a specific item is appropriate for the archive, please feel free to contact us at or (218) 726-8526.

I live outside of Northeastern Minnesota and I want to document my experience. Or I have friends or relatives who live outside of Northeastern Minnesota, and I want to document their experience. Can I contribute to the archive?

This project is only for materials related to Northeastern Minnesota. However, many COVID-19 archives are being created around the nation. There may be one in your community. 

I have a physical object that I would like to submit to the archive, like a paper pamphlet or a 3D object. Can I contribute this item to the archive?

Please contact us at or (218) 726-8526 to ask about this item.

I am not sure if I own copyright for the item I would like to submit, or if I need to get someone else’s permission to share it.

Copyright is confusing, and we don’t want concerns about copyright to stop you from submitting items to the archive. If you are concerned that you do not own full rights for this item or you do not have permission to share it, please indicate this when you email us. We will help you figure it out!

I do not want to give up the copyright I own on this item. 

You will retain in full any copyright you own on items contributed to the archive, and you can still use items in any way you see fit. By submitting an item to the archive, you are granting the University of Minnesota Duluth a broad license to make all uses of these files that are necessary to enable and preserve their public access. Please feel free to contact us at or (218) 726-8526 with any questions.

Can I use materials from this collection for commercial or non-commercial use? Do I need to get permission?

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who contribute materials to the Northeastern Minnesota COVID-19 Community Archive retain in full any copyright they own on items they contribute. To use these materials for anything not covered by fair use, you must contact the creator of the item. The UMD Archives cannot grant permission for commercial or non-commercial use.

Some additional information about copyright, including fair use exemptions, can be found here:

The materials I would like to submit are personal or confidential. I would like them to be saved for the future, but I don’t want them to be public right now. 

Please contact us at or (218) 726-8526 to discuss these materials. We may be able to work out a solution.

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