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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

Research Data Management (RDM)

Data Sharing and Reuse

Questions to consider:
  • How will the data be discovered and shared?
  • Any sharing requirements?
  • Audience for reuse?
  • When will I publish it and where?
  • Tools/software needed to work with data?

Open Access Data Repositories

Below is a partial list of Repositories for Research Articles, Journals and Data Sets. 

A more comprehensive list of Open Access Repostitories is curated by the Boston College Library. This list is indebted to their site.

Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies (ROARMAP)

Need to know about an organizations policies and support for Open Access? 

Archive and Share Your Data

Data can be archived and shared in many different ways. Some are more effective than others.  Here is a partial list of options.

  • Post data online to a website or blog.
  • Publish data in a journal as "Supplement" to your research article.
  • Make your data "Available on Request" via email or dropbox.
  • Deposit in a subject repository (See list of Open Access Data Repositories below)
  • Deposit in an Institution Repository like University Digital Conservancy (UDC)

Each of these methods can be used to share data, but for long term preservation and ease of access we recommend that you find a Open Access Data Repository to hold your data.  Below are resources for finding an appropriate repository for your data. 

Measuring Impact of Your Data

Going to publish your finding and data online?  Use the following below links to determine a publications reach, your scholarly body of work, and other metrics that influence academic publishing.

Resources to track publication in traditional journals - More information about scholarly communication can be found in our Faculty Publishing LibGuide