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Historic Glensheen Estate and the Congdon Family

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1920 U.S. Census


Amanda Strand

  • Age 33
  • Born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden
  • Year of immigration to US - 1909

Annie Johnson

  • Age 26
  • Born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden
  • Year of immigration to US - 1904 or 1914

Buna (?) Olson

  • Age 28 
  • Born in Minnesota, parents born in Sweden

Hilda Anderson

  • Age 26
  • Born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden
  • Year of immigration to US-1915


John McKay

  • Age 46 
  • Born in Scotland, parents born in Scotland
  • Year of immigration to US -1908 
  • Job: Coachman 

Isabella McKay (wife of John)

  • Age 48 
  • Born in Scotland, parents born in Scotland
  • Year of immigration to US - 1911 

Richard Wilson (listed as roomer with the McKays)

  • Age 21 
  • Born in Pennsylvania, parents born in Pennsylvania
  • Houseman (at Glensheen) 


Donald Shepherd

  • Age 49 
  • Born in Scotland, parents born in Scotland
  • Job: Gardener (left in 1920-21) 

Mabel Shepherd (wife of Donald)

  • Age 38
  • Born in England


Information in Footnote to History, the diary of Else Wilke Soetebier, who was briefly a maid at Glensheen in 1922. Translated from the German and edited by her daughter-in­ law Virginia M. Soetebier in 1995. 

Housekeeper - Mrs. Spencer 
Cook - Mrs. Smith 
Houseman - Mark Roper (lived in mansion, brother of James) 
Butler - James Roper (lived in mansion) 
Cook - Sarah Roper (wife of James) 
Became cook after Mrs. Smith left, moved into gardener's cottage(?) 
Chauffeur and animal manager- John McKay (misidentified as James) 
Groomsman - ? 
Laundress - Victoria (lived in mansion) 
Downstairs Maids (lived in mansion)

  • Martina
  • Gunhild 

Upstairs Maids (lived in mansion)

  • Else Wilke 
  • Agnes (sister oflaundress Victoria) 
  • Lenore ( came with Congdon daughter, as nanny for the grandchildren)

Gardener: George Wyness

1930 U.S. Census


Johnie Young (female - may have been a widow)

  • Age 44
  • Born in Wisconsin, parents born in Wisconsin
  • Job: Cook

Ida Windahl

  • Age 28
  • Born in Wisconsin, parents born in Norway 
  • Job: Maid

Freda Ottoson

  • Age 38 
  • Born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden
  • Job: Maid

Possibly living in mansion

Segrud Stafseth 

  • Age 31
  • Born in Norway, parents born in Norway
  • Job: Houseman 

Serene Stafseth (wife of Segrud)

  • Age 32
  • Job: not mentioned

Stafseth children:

  • Borchild Maud (born 7 /.15/1926)
  • Sigmund Oliver (born 3/24/1927)


James Roper 

  • Age 36
  • Born in England, parents born in England
  • Job: Chauffeur 

Sarah Roper (wife of James, possibly second wife)

  • Age 24 
  • Job: Cook

Roper children:

  • Robert (born 1924, died 2004)
  • John (born 1926, died 2005)


George Wyness 

  • Age 65
  • Born in Scotland, parents born in Scotland
  • Job: Head Gardener (came in 1921)

Cora Wyness (wife of George) 

  • Age 55
  • Born in Germany, parents born in Germany
  • No job mentioned

Wyness children:

  • Graham (born 1908 ) 
  • John (born 1910 ) 
  • Robert Keith (born 1915)
    • Returned to Glensheen after WWII and took over from his father as gardener until 1985. 
      Died in 2004. 

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