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Environmental Studies Research Guide

Peer Reviewed Articles & Case Studies


Scholarly books also contain research and usually offer a broader introduction to a topic. It's worth checking to see if there's a book or book chapter with the information you need. You have access to many print and online books through the library.

Here are some books that come up for municipal compost program.

How to Search

Just as important as where you search is what you type in. Think about how authors in different fields might talk about the topic you're interested in.

If I want to learn more about community composting, I might search for:

  • community composting
  • municipal compost program

Then I realize I want to know more about how other communities got people to use their composting programs. Maybe I need to step back and go to a more general database! I might search for:

  • municipal compost program marketing

If I can't find enough on that, I might look into how community recycling programs were marketed, and think about how those techniques might be applied for composting.

  • municipal recycling marketing

As you read more and what you want to know changes, your search will also change. If you get stuck or aren't sure where to start, please contact a librarian for help!