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JOUR 2501 Research Guide: History of American Media

History of American Media / J. Moore

Find Books & Articles

Books, book chapters, and articles are secondary sources that provide information and interpretations on or about primary sources, events, and phenomena. 

Books & Book Chapters


Refresher: What are Scholarly Sources?

Terms to Know

  • Scholarly sources: publications intended for an academic audience
  • Peer-review: a formal process in which works are evaluated by fellow experts in a field prior to publication
Scholarly sources typically share the following characteristics: 

Purpose: To advance knowledge in a field of study, often in the form of original research or analysis

Format: Journal articles, books, book chapters; usually 5 pages or longer

Authors: Experts in the field, such as professors, scientists, etc.

Language: Text-heavy, with advanced language and terminology from the discipline

Sources: Includes citations and a bibliography, works cited, or references list