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Anthropology Research Guide

This guide includes links to anthropology journals and recommended databases.

Web Resources

The internet has a huge variety of information, some useful and some not useful, depending on the purpose. The following links are starting points for finding resources, conferences, and content that can useful to your research.

Evaluating Information

With the wealth of information available to you, it can be difficult to know what is a quality source and what isn't. Here are a few things to look for when evaluating resources:

  • Authority and accuracy: Who authored the information? What are their credentials?
  • Intended audience: Is the information directed to a particular group? (researchers, consumers, etc.)
  • Purpose of information: Is the information designed to educate? To market an idea or product?
  • Date created & updated: Is information up to date? Does it reflect the current trends of the discipline?
  • Contact information: Is it possible to contact the author or institution?