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Minnesota Building Code


The Minnesota Building Code is made up of various documents. This list includes many of the documents listed by Minnesota's Bookstore. To look at the "Building Codes" items, click on "Building Codes" bar located on the left side of the page. Inside each document there are references to other documents - the UMD Library has some, but not all of the required or supporting documentation.  You need to make sure the edition of a work from the Minnesota's Bookstore page is the same edition that the UMD Library has. If you want to make of the most recent version of the code or supporting documentation, check the (Minnesota) State Register

If you do not see a title listed, that means that the UMD Library does not own the item.  If you see a call number, then that means that we have the item in paper and it is not available electronically. It is important to remember that the most recent and official Minnesota Building Code documents are listed in the Minnesota's Bookstore and in the (Minnesota) State Register

The 2015 Minnesota Building Code (that is the Minnesota Rules and Statutes and plus many explanations is partially available electronically).

State Building Code

Minnesota State Building Code - 

1300 Administration

1340 Facilities for the Handicapped
1301 Building Official Certification 1341 Accessibility for Buildings and Facilities
1302 Construction Approvals 1345 Mechanical Systems
1303 Minnesota Provisions of the State Building Code 1346 Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes
1305 Adoption of International Building Code 1350 Manufactured Homes
1306 Special Fire Protection Systems 1355 Plumbing
1307 Elevators and Related Devices (Dept. of Labor & Industry) 1360 Prefabricated Buildings
1309 International Residential Code

1361 Industrialized/Modular Buildings

1310 Building Security 1365 Appendix on Snow Loads
1311 Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings (Minnesota Building Conservation Code) 1370 Manufactured Home Park Storm Shelter Design
1315 Electrical Code 4715 Minnesota Plumbing Code

1320 Elevators and Related Devices (Dept. of Administration)

7670 Minnesota Energy Code
1322 Residential Energy Code 7672 Energy Code for One and-Two Family Residential Buildings
1323 Commercial Energy Code 7674 Energy Code: Small, Multistory Residences
1325 Solar Energy 7676 Energy Code: Other Buildings
1330 Fallout Shelters 678 Energy Code: Efficiencies, Calculations
1335 Floodproofing  

Supporting Documentation

Building Code that refer to other Minnesota State Statutes and Minnesota Rules:

     Board of Architecture and Engineering Rules MN Rules 1800 and 1805

     Boiler Inspection Rules - MN Statutes Chapter 183.375 and MN Rules 5225

     High Pressure Piping Rules and Laws - MN Statutes Chapter 326B.90 and Chapter 326B.925
          MN Rules 5230.0010-.6200

     Minnesota Fire Code and Related Statutes - MN Rules  7510.3510-7510.3710

     Minnesota Plumbing Code - MN Rules 4715.0100-.6000 and MN Statutes Chapter 326.01-.656

     Residential Contractors Laws & Rules - MN Rules 2891 and MN Statues Chapter 326.83-991

     On-site Septic System Rules - MN Rules 7080, 7081, 7082, 7083

There are a number of codes and regulations that are referred to in the Minnesota Building Code.  Although the UMD Library does not own everything referred to in the Minnesota Building Code, we do have the following:

     ANSI Standards, selected, including elevator codes (REF TA 368 .A3)

     ASTM Standards, complete (The electronic version is available only to current UMD students, faculty, or staff). 

     Code of Federal Regulations (REF KF 70 .A3x) - Electric version is available to anyone 

     Fire Resistance Design Manual - GA-600 -2009 (19th ed. free download) - Code calls for 17th Edition

     Flood Proofing Regulations (REF KFM 5487.8.A42 F6 1972X ) - electronic version is 1995; 1972 version is still listed in the code

     International Building Code (2006) REF K3538.A15 .I5 2006

     International Fire Code (2006) REF K3674 .I58 2006

     International Fuel Gas Code REF K 3542 .I573 2003 (this is an earlier version of the required 2006 edition)

     International Mechanical Code (2006) REF KF 5708 .I55 2003 (this is an earlier version of the required 2006  

     International Residential Code for 1 & 2 Family Dwellings REF K3538 .A15 .I587 2006

     National Fire Protection Association. National Fire Codes - UMD has several editions of this code - the 2005
          edition is in Reference; the others are on the 4th floor of the library.  The call number for Reference is
          REF TH 9111 .N375 2016; the other editions call number is TH 9111 .N375 (plus the date).

          Installation of Fire Alarm Systems NFPA 72 (2002) National Electrical Code NFPA 70 (2005) 

          Installation of Fire Resistive Doors & Windows NFPA 80 (1999)

          Life Safety Code NFPA 101 (2000)

          Liquified Petroleum Gases NFPA 58 (2004)

          Ventilation & Fire Protection for Commercial Cook Hoods - NFPA 96 (2001)

      United States Code (REF KF 62 1972 .L38)