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University of Minnesota

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COMM 2025: Communication Inquiry: Rhetorical and Historical Methods Research Guide

Useful Tips for Finding Scholarly Literature

1. Start simply and gather background information first. This means using Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, blogs and other resources to gather ideas, keywords, major figures, and dialogs. Ask Us at UMD Logo

2. Create a list of common, uncommon and specific terms to plug into a search box. Some tools are created with natural language and the vernacular in mind, i.e. Google. Other tools are curated by professional researchers, reporters, librarians and other nerdly types; these groups use very specific terminology, classifications and ideas to categorize information.  (pssst.... words have multiple meanings across disciplines too!)

3. If you find one great scholarly article, utilize Google Scholar or Web Of Science  to find other authors who have cited that work, and to view their often substantial bibliographies.

4. Most scholarly information is available in full text. Many times, our databases will provide instant access. Other times it may require using UMD's Interlibrary Loan System to request a title, or contacting a friendly librarian for assistance. Don't hesitate to ask.

Useful Databases for Comm 2025

Find Scholarly Analysis

Gather Texts & Rhetoric

For More Exploration

Articles & Books Search