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IESE 3331: Children's Literature in the Elementary School Research Guide

This guide provides resources for children's literature.

Duluth Public Library

For access to even more children's books, check out the Duluth Public Library.

Recommendations for Using and Building a Children's Literature Collection

When building and using a children's book collection, it is critical to:

  • Seek out diversity and intersectional representation in the characters, storylines, setting, etc.
  • Purposefully look for books that center people of color and their authentic stories. Purchase books written or illustrated by people of color.
  • Analyze books from implicit or explicit racist imagery, language, or whitewashed narratives.
  • Provide necessary context to the story being told. Be prepared to host conversations about the storyline, conflicts, characteristics , etc., with students.
  • Refer to book lists from the following resources:

Recommendations by Education student Meghan Hesterman

Search the Library Catalog to find Children's Books at UMD

Resources for Finding Books