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SOC 2155: Introduction to Research Methods and Analysis Research Guide

Spring 2020

Scholarly and Empirical Articles

What is a Scholarly Article?

Author has demonstrated expertise and academic credentials.
Published by a university press or academic organization.
Evidence is backed up with footnotes, references, and/or bibliographies.
Reviewed by peers for accuracy and research validity before publication.
Written for scholars, researchers, students.

What is an Empirical Article?
Report on the author's original data
Original analysis of existing statistical data

Selected Databases

Statistics and Government Sources

Using Find It

If the article is not available in full-text within the database click the UMD Find It Logo icon (available in many of the database) to help you retrieve the full-text article. Another window will open to UMD Library Catalog.

After clicking the UMD Find It icon, if the article is not available online or in the library, UMD Library Catalog will say "Check availability":

  • If you are not already logged into your library account, click Sign in to request
  • Click Interlibrary Loan and log in using your UMD credentials.
  • Choose "date needed by" and your department.
  • Submit your request.

If you need assistance contact a librarian.

Do you have more questions about FindIt? Check out this video from UMN Libraries on the subject