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University of Minnesota

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BIOL 3987: Communication in Biology Research Guide

This guide is intended to help students enrolled in BIOL 3987 as they research and synthesize information for seminar presentations.

Tracking Down a Citation

As you read, you'll come across references to other work that can inform your presentation. Looking a promising title up using the citation information is a great strategy.

Let's say you're interested in the 2nd article on this references list.

References list for paper on wildfire smoke changes due to climate change

Google Scholar is good for this kind of search and so is the Library Articles & Books Search.

Search by title: Enter the title of the article you want to find in quotes, e.g., "Relationships between climate and macroscale area burned in the western United States." 


Search by author: Enter the names of the authors of the article, e.g., Abatzoglou and Kolden.
(Sometimes those authors will have co-written many papers together. If that's the case, chances are good more than one of those articles might be relevant.)