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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

Bach - Complete Works Index


The UMD Library all of the currently published volumes of the Bach Neue Ausgabe Sämtlicher Werke (Bach's Complete Works).  The call number for the set is M 3 .B1133. The set is divided into nine series (each with several volumes per series)

I. Cantatas 
II. Masses, Passions, Oratorios 
III. Motets, Chorales, Lieder
IV. Organ Works
V. Keyboard and Lute Works 
VI. Chamber Music 
VII. Orchestral Works 
VIII. Canons, Musical Offering, Art of Fugue 
IX. Addenda  (additional information but no scores)

To find a piece, click on the appropriate tab above.  Then use the browser search and type in the BWV or title of the work. 

If you are a current UMD student, faculty, or staff, you can go to a unified list found under Bach's name in the database, Oxford Music Online.  Type in Johann Sebastian Bach and choose the article from Groves Music.  Then click on "Works" to get to the list.  Use the browser search and type in either the BWV or the title of the work.