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Minnesota Building Code


The Minnesota Building Code is made up of various documents. This list includes many of the documents listed by Minnesota's Bookstore. To look at the "Building Codes" items, click on "Building Codes" bar located on the left side of the page. Inside each document there are references to other documents - the UMD Library has some, but not all of the required or supporting documentation.  You need to make sure the edition of a work from the Minnesota's Bookstore page is the same edition that the UMD Library has. If you want to make of the most recent version of the code or supporting documentation, check the (Minnesota) State Register

If you do not see a title listed, that means that the UMD Library does not own the item.  If you see a call number, then that means that we have the item in paper and it is not available electronically. It is important to remember that the most recent and official Minnesota Building Code documents are listed in the Minnesota's Bookstore and in the (Minnesota) State Register

The 2015 Minnesota Building Code (that is the Minnesota Rules and Statutes and plus many explanations is partially available electronically).

If you have any questions, or cannot find the document you are looking for, please contact Pam Enrici, Engineering & Science Librarian at (218) 726-8586 or drop by her office in L278.