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COMM 5000: Senior Seminar, Fear & Fear Appeals

Spring 2016

Why use the Library?

Welcome to your Library guide COMM 5000 - Fear & Fear Appeals!

Developing a literature review is an involved process where you, as author, read and synthesize the works of many authors to create a bridge to your own theory/understanding. Luckily, you can find these resources in our Find Articles and Find Books Tabs above.

From the Assignment:

Literature Review:  The literature review is the portion of your essay where you lay out the controversy or problem you are addressing, ground your questions in the work of others, and explain the basis for your methods.  In some sense this section may resemble a narrative in which you tell the story of an ongoing controversy, problem or question, then indicate your contribution to the conversation as you move to the analysis section.  To use different metaphor, the literature review lays the foundation for your analysis.  It indicates who you agree with and disagree with, and what kinds of theories and tools you will be using. 

To maximize your points here: bring the theories and authors you will be using together in a clear and coherent fashion, utilize at least a dozen theories or specific approaches/insights, utilize at least half a dozen different scholarly sources/authors, lay out the theoretical foundation for your methods of analysis.

Need help with Citation and Bibliographies?  Take a look at our Citation Managers Page or the Link to MLA Resources.

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