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Education Research Guide

Teaching Materials

Limit search to Teaching Materials

Limiting Search to Teaching Materials

  • Click on the Library Catalog tab.
  • Click on Advanced Search.
  • Change Search Scope to Teaching Materials.

To limit Teaching Materials to:

  • Educational software - type in educational software juvenile.
    The Kathryn A. Martin Library does not purchase educational software but we so have some donated as gifts.

  • High Interest/Low Vocabulary - type in high interest low vocabulary.
    High interest low vocabulary books are for readings who are not reading on grade level.
  • Kits - type in UMDTK for a complete list of the kits. To limit further, type in a topic in the second field.
    Kits, games, or maniupulative's arranged by broad subject area.
    The following link list teaching material kits by broad subject area but may not list most current items.

  • Lesson Plans - type in lesson plans
    Books with lesson plans located in the Teaching Materials Collection and in the regular collection.
    You can also search for lesson plans in the databases and in Teacher Web Resources. 
  • Textbooks - type in textbook* or subject. 
    Best to browse the Teaching Materials collection, subjects are arranged by Library of Congress Classification.

Teaching Materials Collection

This collection is located on the third floor of the Library. The Teaching Materials Collection contain reference materials, children's encyclopedias, kits, elementary and secondary textbooks, and High Interest/Low Vocabulary books. School districts donate most of the kits and textbooks. Only ephemeral materials are kept in the Teaching Materials Collection.

Additional resources:

Databases for Youth

List of databases that are available for students in the schools or public libraries for doing research. The databases listed are available to UMD students, faculty and staff as well as adult guests in the Kathryn A. Martin Library.

ELM : Electronic Library for Minnesota
Minnesota residents can search for magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, eBooks and information from refenence sources. Some of the sources may require you to use your public library barcode for access.

Wisconsin residents can search magazines, journals newspapers, reference materaisl and full text books. A system of Internet Protocol is used to determine the eligibility of visitors. You can also the resources using your Wisconsin library card as an ID.

 Teacher Web Resources  - Selected web sites on a variety of topics.

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