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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

MGTS 4431/5431 Leadership Studies

Modern Case Analysis Team Presentation

For this assignment, you must select a leader to research for your case analysis. It might be helpful to look at current events in the news. When you have selected a leader, you can search their name or the organization's name in the Articles & Books search on the library homepage or within discipline-specific databases.

Remember your presentation must include the following:

  1. Background or summary of leader, event, context
  2. What happened? Is it expected or surprising base on what you learned in class/ class concepts? Why? How?
  3. What would the class concepts have predicted would happen? Why? How?
  4. What were the responses of the parties involved? Hower were these responses managed by the leader?
  5. What would you have done the same and different, and why? What recommendations do you have for the involved parties?
  6. Integrate at least 3 class concepts such as leadership perspectives, theories, and styles.
  7. Include additional information within the time allocation. Consider what would be helpful for your lead discussion. 


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