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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

ECON 3910: Economics of Health Care

Fall 2017 for Jennifer Schultz

My Remote Contact Information

  • Phone: 218-726-6157 (is forwarded)
  • Email:
  • Virtual meetings via Zoom or Google Hangouts for one on one, screen sharing, and group meetings. Please contact me for coordination.

Research Guide

Doctor showing patient a screenSuggested Sources

Google Scholar

Indexes scholarly literature. Strong in the areas of medicine, engineering, the sciences, and business. Provides relevancy rankings based on the citation patterns of the articles. Can limit by date ranges. Sources are linked to Library electronic holdings via "Find It." Google Scholar is your first best place to search for scholarly journal articles. Note the "Cite" option on each returned hit to find how to cite the article in five different styles, including APA style. Search this database by your health care topic. Use the connector "AND" to connect that topic to a related concept, thus further focus your topic.

EXAMPLE Google Scholar Search: "Affordable Care Act" AND exchanges AND success

EXAMPLE Google Scholar Search: "Affordable Care Act" AND "economic impact" AND society


JSTOR contains the full-text of more than 2,300 journals from 1,000 publishers, with publication dates ranging from 1665 to 2015 (for certain titles). Journals are available in more than 60 disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences and mathematics. Google Scholar should cover most of these titles, however, JSTOR can allow more specific searching options.


Indexes articles on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and health care. UMD Library Electronic resources are linked to these articles via our "Find-It" service. Google Scholar should cover all these sources, however PubMed may allow you more specific searching options

Proquest News

Proquest News is our best source for newspaper information with archives going back over 30 years. This contains the full text of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. News sources are not usually indexed in Google Scholar. Search for keywords related to the Affordable Care Act, and related legislation or topics. This is a good source for current events and opinion.

WestLaw News

WestlawNews contains more than 4,900 News and business information publications. This is a Key Source of newspaper and trade publication information. In the news search box, look up recent articles on trends and developments in the Affordable Care Act, or other health care legislation or topics. Trade publications are not indexed in Google Scholar, and they could provide useful points of view.

Health Affairs

This specific journal, Health Affairs, has been recommended as a good source of information. From this link, you can search for articles with full text dating back to 1981. Full text for the last three years are not available here. If you need articles from that time period, you can request them via our Inter Library Loan system.

Search Engines to Access Government Publications, Organization Websites, or Blogs


The first place to go to search the web.

Search for topics of your choice,

Example: "Affordable Care Act" AND Exchanges AND success

OR: "health care" AND "pay system" AND asymmetrical


Another important Web search engine.









Inter Library Loan Service 

If you find articles you want in Google Scholar, JSTOR, PUBMED, or Health Affairs, but full text is not available, feel free to request them through our Inter Library Loan Service.

How to Cite Electronic Information

This will show how to cite a variety of electronic databases in the APA format. 
Remember, Google Scholar will also show how to cite each of its citations in five different citation styles, including APA.