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University of Minnesota

Kathryn A. Martin Library

MGTS 4481: Strategic Management for Antoinette Pearson

Spring 2017, for Antoinette Pearson

General Bicycle Links And Company Links

General Bicycle Links And Company Links


Bicycle Industry Links:

Bicycle Industry Overview 2015
Bicycles Statistica
Trade Associations
Bicycle Retailer
Bike Brands and Manufacturers
Bike Parts Manufacturers

Research Discovered on Specific Bicycle Companies:

this is interesting too:
the tabs and links here are good too:


talk to this person:
three more people:
you can get a free search here:
here is the search I used:



Google Searches:***

Example Report:


Many articles:



Older, history:

Google Searches for Trek:***

GT Bikes:****

BMX Bikes:*

Accell Bikes:

you are in luck:
Raleigh Bikes: