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BIOL 2802: Ecology Research Guide

Find the information you need, keep track of those sources, and cite them in Ecology style.


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Zotero is an open-source program for managing research documents. It allows users to:

Cite your sources

You'll be citing documents using the Ecology journal style. Here are two sample citations from the Literature Cited section of an article published in Ecology. Your citations should be in the same format.

Brenes-Arguedas, T., A. B. Roddy, P. D. Coley, and T. A. Kursar. 2011. Do differences in understory light contribute to species distributions along a tropical rainfall gradient? Oecologia 166:443-456.

Mitchell-Olds, T., and J. Schmitt. 2006. Genetic mechanisms and evolutionary significance of natural variation in Arabidopsis. Nature 441:947-952.

If you're using Zotero, you can add this citation style to your export options.