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Educational and Psychological Test Sources: Databases

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Keywords & Subject Terms

The UMD Library has many searchable databases. The databases listed below are the best starting place for locating information on tests and measurements. Depending upon your subject, you may want to go into a subject specific database. 

The thesaurus within the database will help you find additional subject headings. Measurement is used rather than tests as a descriptor. Some of the descriptor terms are:

  • achievement measures
  • aptitude measures
  • group testing
  • intelligence measures
  • measurement
  • personality measures
  • questionnaires
  • statistical tests

Additionally, use the classification field to limit to tests - 2200 Psychometrics & Statistics & Methodology.

Databases for Locating Test Information

The ERIC Identifier Authority List (located behind the Research & Information Desk on 2nd floor) shows the specific names of tests which can be searched in the Identifier (keyword) search. In the back of the book under categories is a list of tests and testing. Use the identifier field to located information regarding specific tests.

ERIC is available using Cambridge ERIC. To search using the thesaurus, click on the Search Tools tab. The thesaurus helps you to see the many descriptors used for measurements. Many of the ERIC documents (ED) are available online from ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) from 1996 to present. The UMD Library carries the ED microfiche from 1983 to ED483046, 2003. In ERIC, the ED citation must have MF01 under availability to be available on microfiche. Online access varies. If the ED citation is not available online, check the Library Catalog.The Thesaurus of ERICDescriptors shows the descriptors used when searching the ERIC indexes. Some of the following descriptors used for tests are:

  • comparative testing
  • measurement
  • measures (individuals)
  • norm referenced tests
  • standardized tests
  • test norms
  • test reliability
  • tests