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SOC 3330 - The American Civil Rights Movement: Home

SOC 3330 - The American Civil Rights Movement

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Assignment Overview

From the SOC 3330 Syllabus

Each student will do a project of some kind pertaining to contemporary civil rights. The “project” is pretty open – a write-up of a current civil rights group, the investigation into current civil rights violations, an art exhibit focused around civil rights, and so on. The project is expected to be grounded in theory, and one which ties together lessons and theory learned in class to the topic under study. Simply writing up a paper on a current “movement,” like Black Lives Matter, is not sufficient. The project will be presented to the class at the end of the semester, and class members will be responsible for the information presented. The more complete, “professional,” and well-presented, the better. One must have the topic approved (first come, first served) by September 15.


In Class Assignment

Explore your assigned database. Prepare answers to the questions below. You will be presenting your database to the class and teaching them about it.

  • What different types of information can you find in this database? (E.g. books? Magazines? Photos? Interviews.)

  • How could the information in this database be useful?

  • How can  you search for information? What different types of searches can you do?

  • How can you narrow down a search? Looking at hundreds of results will take too long, experiment with different ways to get more specific (fewer) results.

  • What questions do you have about this database? What’s confusing/difficult?

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