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WRIT 3150: Advanced Writing: Sciences: Research Topic Databases and Hints

This guide is to assist the students in WRIT 3150 with their research.

Class Conversation on Research Materials

Brainstorming Activity

  1. Do a simple Google/Wikipeda search on your topic area and begin to consider key concepts and terms in your research area.  Brainstorm as many keywords as possible that you could use to locate more information on your topic. List them in the Keywords box below.
  1. Find a partner and explain your topic using your keywords, then have your partner paraphrase and reinterpret your keywords and ideas back to you.  Write down any new key concepts and terms that your partner introduces in the box below. Then, switch roles where you listen and reinterpret your partners topic

Exploration of Databases

Explore your assigned database as a group. Prepare answers to the questions below. You will be presenting your database to the class and teaching them about it.

  • What different types of information can you find in this database? (E.g. books? Magazines? Scholarly Articles? Datasets?)
  • Can you read the articles immediately, or do you have to use interlibrary loan or Find it?
  • How can you narrow down a search? Looking at hundreds of results will take too long, experiment with different ways to get more specific (fewer) results.
  • What questions do you have about this database? What’s confusing/difficult?

3-D printing of Organs

Make sure you clarify if the subjects of your research and be considerate of gender, age, types of antibiotic resistance, the history of resistance bacteria and disease.

Bridge Culverts

Year-Round Food Growing in Northern Minnesota

Using Vaccinations to prevent new disease/outbreaks