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POL 1050: Intro to International Relations: Getting Started

Fall 2016 - Bihter Tomen

About this research guide -

The research assignment requires two scholarly sources regarding a current conflict - below are a links to three useful databases that specialize in international relations. Additional useful resources can be found on the 2nd tab marked "Further Exploration."

We also have access to the "Articles and Books" and "Library Catalog" Tabs from our catalog.

Assignment Summary:

You are required to write a 5 page research paper (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font) as part of your course requirements. Please select one of the global conflicts/issues below in order to answer the following question:

A list of topics/conflicts you can choose from:

  • The civil war in Syria
  • The Syrian refugee crisis
  • The Occupy! Movement
  • War against ISIS
  • Brexit and future of EU
  • G20’s approach to climate change
  • Expansion of NATO
  • Annexation of Crimea by Russia
  • China’s reclamation of reefs in South China Sea
  • Debate on the expansion of the UN Security Council

Please provide an analysis of the conflict from either a (a) realist, (b) liberal, (c) Marxist or (d) constructivist perspective. Which approach, in your opinion, explains this conflict the best? (i.e. what would be the realist approach to the conflict?) 


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