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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam (MTLE): General Information

The MTLE Basic Skills Test is a computer based exams that must be completed in order to become a licensed teacher. At UMD they must be passed prior to admittance into the blocks for all Teacher Education Programs.

General Information

The following information is provided for the benefit of our teacher candidates. It is a compilation of the information available on the MTLE website ( This information is subject to change/revision in accordance with the Minnesota Board of Teaching and/or Pearson Education, Inc.

Beginning September 2010, the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations became the sole means of assessing the basic skills, pedagogical, and content-area knowledge of Minnesota P–12 teacher candidates. All candidates for an initial license are required to pass the MTLE basic skills test as well as pedagogy and content-area tests. If you are already licensed and adding another license, you only have to take the content knowledge tests in the new licensure field. To learn more about the MTLE requirements, download the “Teacher Testing Requirements and Testing Chart” document at:

When Should I Take the MTLE Exam?

Most teacher candidates take the MTLE Basic Skills tests during their first two years of study since it is based on basic reading, writing and math that you have already learned.

The pedagogy and content tests cover everything about teaching and content that you have learned throughout your program, so they are best taken just before you student teach, during your student teaching or immediately following your student teaching.

You must pass all of your required Basic Skills, Content and/or Pedagogy exams related to your major to be recommended for licensure.

What Are the MTLE Tests?
All candidates applying for first-time Minnesota teaching licensure must complete:


1)  Basic Skills
The Basic Skills examination includes three subtests: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Examinees may take one, two or all three subtests at one test appointment. In order to schedule these exams on different days, or at different times, you must put them in your online cart and pay for them one at a time. All Basic Skills examinations are computer based tests.


2)   Pedagogy Tests

All candidates applying for a first-time Minnesota teaching license must take ONE of the THREE adopted tests in professional knowledge. The candidate should select any pedagogy test within the grade range for which licensure is sought. (Exception: There is no pedagogy exam for Parent Education).


 3) Content Area Tests

All first-time applicants for a Minnesota Teaching License and all individuals adding a licensure field to an existing Minnesota license must complete a content exam for their respective field. Beginning September 1, 2010, candidates must take the MTLE content exam (Praxis exams taken after 09/01/10 will not be counted for Minnesota licensure).

Additional information about content exams is available at the following website:


MTLE Program


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Minnesota Licensure Testing Requirements

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