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How To Reuse Existing Link

  1. Create a box for your databases. Use the Links and Lists box type.
  2. Click on Add a New Link.
  3. You will get a pop-up box. Select the tab called Reuse Existing Link.
  4. Start typing the link title, i.e., the database title. You will not have to type the entire thing. For example, just type the first few letters in Academic Search Premier and you'll be provided with a menu.
  5. IMPORTANT: Each link name will have a LibGuide name next to it. That tells you where the particular link is living. It is critical that you select the one that appears in Database List.
  6. When you select the appropriate link, a new box will appear (see image below).
  7. DO NOT check the box that says "Make a copy of this resource...."
  8. Click Reuse Link.
  9. You're finished. Now, because you have linked to the database which is hosted in our Database List guide, any changes relating to name, URL, cancellation and description will automatically be updated on your guide.


Reuse existing link

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