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CRIM 3361 - Correctional Continuum: Home

Fall 2016

Databases Useful to This Course

Assignment Excerpt (Straight From Your Syllabus)

Your "best bets" are to (1) use the criminal justice abstracts search engine from the library web page and (2) use corrections textbooks to find recent cites to research (and then find that research).

  • In the search engine, make sure to try a variety of searches. - BRAINSTORM
  • If you can find a very recent article (e.g., past 2-3 years), look at their reference page to find more articles. For older articles, you can look at whether someone has cited this article in recent research. - CITATION TRACKING TOPIC
  • You might also ask me or other professors if they are aware of sources
  • The Bureau of Justice Statistics has basic facts on many corrections topics

2016 Topic Selections:  Super Max Prisons / Prison Gangs / Drug Courts / Prison Rape, Sexual Assault - Sexuality / Boot Camps /Parole/Re-entry / Juvenile Corrections / Death Penalty

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