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Fall 2015 - Yuanyuan Sun

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MGTS 3801: Human Resource Management

For Yuanyuan Sun
Human Resource Management -- MGTS 3801
Fall 2015

Suggested Sources for Company Analysis

Finding Books
Business Periodical Databases
Other Periodical Databases
Financial Databases
Marketing Databases
Search Engines
Other Suggested Websites

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Finding Books

umd catelog


Library Catalog
Search for books, government documents, reference books, videos and periodicals available in our Duluth campus library using MNCAT Discovery Duluth.


umd catalog


All-University Catalog Book Search
Search all U of MN campuses just as you would our campus. You can mark "Get-It" for any circulating book held at any campus, including UMD, and it will be pulled and held for you at our Circulation desk. You will be notified by e-mail. UMD requests are usually filled within one day and requests from other campuses can take 2 to 4 working days. This is faster than Inter Library Loan as there is no intermediary processing your request. This is available for faculty, staff and students. FREE! All University of Minnesota book resources are now at your finger tips!!



Find over 300 MILLION books, government documents, videos found in thousands of libraries. THIS IS OUR BEST SOURCE FOR FINDING AND ORDERING MATERIALS THROUGH OUR FREE INTERLIBRARY LOAN SERVICE. Interlibrary Loans often require 1-3 weeks or more to fulfill.


topBusiness Periodical Databases

Business and Company Resource Center


Business Insights: Essentials
Company & industry news linked to electronic reference books. Contains histories, market shares, rankings, industry surveys, SWOT analysis and investment reports. This is an important database for this course. Search this database by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.  Search this database individually as it is not covered by Google Scholar.


Business Source Premier


Business Source Premier
Full text of over 3,400 business periodicals. This is our largest business database. It provides our best access to scholarly journals. It also has special reports, including "SWOT" analysis. Note the  "company profiles" tab, which will allow you to access over 5,000 MarketLine Company Profiles.  This database also contains thousands of MarketLine Industry Overviews.  These reports are insightful and often contain a "five forces" analysis. (MarketLine)   These reports should not be overlooked.  Articles are covered by Google Scholar, however, special reports are not.


google scholar


Google Scholar
Indexes scholarly literature. Strong in the areas of medicine, engineering, the sciences, and business. Provides relevancy rankings based on the citation patterns of the articles.  Sources are linked to Library electronic holdings via "Find It."   This is your first best place to search for scholarly journal articles.  Search this database by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.




Contains the full text of newspaper articles from over 350 titles, many titles going back thirty years.  NewsStand provides our only source of electronic access to the Wall Street Journal. This is an excellent database for company information.  Search this database by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.


Regional Business News 


Regional Business News 
Regional Business News is a collection of full text newswires that incorporates news information from all over the world. Often news about regional business events, companies, products, and services are found here.  Included in this database are A&G Information, Africa News Service, Inter Press Service, Resource News International, South American Business, M2 Communications, PR Newswire, Business Newswire, Canadian Corporate News, News Bytes News Network and Phillips Business Information Highlights. Information provided by these sources covers business, political, economic and other diverse, international news events. In order to maintain the most current collection of news, this database contains the most recent 30 days of information from each of these wire sources. Several hundred articles are added to Business Wire News database each day. Useful for finding information on smaller regional companies.


Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition)
Contains the full-text Wall Street Journal which has extensive coverage of stock markets, finance, investments and business-oriented news. This database version from Proquest includes business news and analysis, company news, regular columns, special reports, articles on the national and world economy, editorials and opinion, interviews, and Reuters news stories. Excludes charts and free standing tabular data, such as stock tables and other exchange listings.  Search this database by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.
Full text coverage: Jan 2, 1984 - current


Lexis Nexis  

Offers searching of court rules, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, and U.S. Supreme Court briefs, among others. Search by keywords or browse by content, materials or topic.

WestlawNext also contains more than 4,900 News and business information publications. This is a key source for news and trade publications.   Search this database, in the news section, by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.

top Other Periodical Databases

MasterFile Premier

MasterFile Premier
Contains popular and general interest magazines covering a broad range of disciplines. Many business topics can be researched here as well. Over 2600 titles are indexed, with over 1950 titles available in full text.  Search this database by your company name and connect with an "AND" to the HR topic of your choice.

top Financial Databases

Mergent Online


Mergent Online
Provides business and financial information for 23,000 U.S. and international companies. Financials for 15 years, balance sheets, income statements "as reported" and can be downloaded to spreadsheet. Includes company overviews, histories financial ratios, and much more. Mergent Online IS OUR BEST SOURCE FOR COMPANY ANNUAL REPORTS.  Annual reports, on occasion, can address some company organizational and HR issues.




Provides independent investment analysis of 1500 stocks and 2000 mutual funds. Includes current analyst reports for both particular companies and funds with an eye to what is happening in the industry. This is a highly regarded and unique source of financial information.

top Marketing Databases

Global Marketing Information Database


Passport GMID
An integrated on-line information system providing key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets, and consumers. The Passport contains over a million demographic, economic, and marketing statistics for 205 countries worldwide. The database also contains 6-year historic market size data for more than 330 consumer products in 52 countries, plus 5-year forecasts. To access thousands of international company profiles in Passport, click on "Browse Reports," and then click on "Company Profiles."  Provides competitive analysis, industry size, market share, brands, lifestyles, retailing structure, for United States and International. Not much HR information here, but it will give you insight into the company, industry and its products.


top Search Engines

Last, but not least, lots of good information can be found on the free Internet.  You may find company websites, news sites and blogs with useful information. Google is the first place to go to search the web.
Another fine search engine with its own database.

Company Information

Company Annual Reports

Company Histories

Company Overview Reports

SWOT Analysis

How to find SWOT Analysis


If you are giving classroom presentations, note the useful information you will find in:
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