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Native Education: Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

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Student Resources

GLIFWC Color & Activity Book. Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. 

Provides coloring and activities with the Ojibwe words for numbers, animals, etc. 

Research Resources

Casting Casting Light Upon the Waters Light Upon the Waters : A Joint Fishery Assessment of the Wisconsin Ceded Territory. U.S. Department of the Interior. 1991, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Minneapolis, MN, 1993. (2nd ed.).

This report provides an objective statement about the rights reserved by the Ojibwe Indians, the status of the fishery resources, and the rights of the State of Wisconsin to use those resources. This report discusses how the management agencies measure the number of fish taken by the various harvest methods and the techniques used to translate those data into impacts of the harvest on the fishery resource.  


Fishery Status Update. U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, Minneapolis, MN, 2013. 6th ed.

As a follow-up to the 1991 Casting Light Upon the Waters, the Joint Fishery Steering Committee released this report summarizing findings from the last nine years of joint assessment and fishery management activities in Wisconsin. Seventh Edition, 2013.



Ganawenimaa nimamainan aki (Respect our Mother Earth). Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, 2006

A 20-page environmental activity booklet for elementary level youth. It offers basic information about the Lake Superior watershed, its inhabitants and encourages conservation and respect of the water.

Ojibwe Treaty Rights Flipbook Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, 2014

The guide contains the pertinent treaties, discusses the nature of treaty rights, provides historical background on the treaty rights, and details tribal resource management and GLIFWC activities.


Ojibwe Treaty Rights : Understanding & Impact. Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC), 2006 5th ed

A resource for younger readers to introduce Ojibwe history and culture as well as the modern day exercise of treaty rights and resource management of the tribes.


Tribal Habitat Restoration : Caring for Our Land and Waters. Circle of Flight/Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, 2014

This publication combines the habitat restoration activities of the Circle of Flight program and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and features 32 tribal and intertribal success stories.

Treaty rights : sustaining a way of life : the role of treaty tribes and intertribal treaty commissions in the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission.; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (Wash.); Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority.; 1854 Treaty Authority.; Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, 2013

The role of treaty tribes and intertribal treaty commissions in the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest.