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Grant Resources: UMD Grant Procedures

Guide to grant resources and grant writing.


Sponsored Projects Administration

Budget review.... contract negotiation and official approval.... interpretation of regulations.... official authorization for proposal submissions and contract changes.... account set-up.... subcontract preparation.... oversight of all UMD sponsored funding issues.... liaison with Minneapolis Office of Sponsored Projects Administration.

How to contact:

Darland Administration 409


UMD Procedure for Grants





Step 1.  Determine the process your proposal submission will take.  


Consult the University’s Fund Bucket Project Definitions document to see if your funding request would result in a Gift, a Sponsored Project, or an External Sale.  If you aren’t certain where your project falls, email


Step 2.   Work with the appropriate office to submit your funding request.


  1. Steps for submitting a gift or grant request through Corporate and Foundation Relations Development:


Please contact Larissa Trygg ( or 218-726-6418) with answers to the following questions:


  • Names of prospective companies and/or foundations you are requesting funding from.

  • Brief description of funding needs.

  • What is your current case for support? How does this align with the company or foundation’s funding priorities (A Brief description)

  • What do you want to achieve; this year, in 3-5 years? What do you need to achieve this?

  • Of the items listed above, what is the dollar value you assign to each? What do you need in current dollars vs. endowment?

  • What is the hierarchy of need? That is, if you could only get 1/3 of the total funding you desire what would you spend it on? If you could get 2/3?

  • If the support was to come in only current dollars would this change your ranking? If yes, please indicate your new ranking.

  • How is this program/project differentiated from others? List 3-5 reasons that the UMN is the place for this project.

  • How does your program/project relate to the overall goals of your collegiate unit/institute/center? Is your dean or department head aware?


Once this information is reviewed the Corporate and Foundation Relations Development Office (CFR) will contact you about proposal submission.  CFR team may supply a template for submitting proposal.  UMF is the fiscal agent and CFR is the primary contact for corporations and foundations on submission. Faculty member will be PI or secondary on the proposal.


  1. Steps for submitting through Sponsored Projects Administration:


  • Contact UMD SPA ( or 218-726-7582) to discuss your proposal with a SPA grant administrator.

  • The Principal Investigator, with assistance from his/her departmental staff if available, prepares the proposal documents, including budget and justification, and any funder-required forms.   

  • The Principal Investigator prepares the University of Minnesota Proposal Routing Form in the Electronic Grants Management System and routes for internal approvals.

  • The Principal Investigator submits the full proposal package to UMD Sponsored Projects. Sponsored Projects performs final review, obtains approval from authorized UMD official, and submits proposal to sponsor.


Throughout the above process, your Sponsored Projects Grant Administrator is a resource for questions about budgeting, sponsor forms, policies, and requirements, accessing sponsor’s electronic submission sites, sponsor and UM-required training for Principal Investigators, collaborating with other institutions, IRB, IACUC, and more.


  1. Steps for working with External Sales:


  • Contact your department administrator to find out if your department has already obtained approval for external sales activity.  

  • Once your unit has obtained general approval for external sales, the process for a specific transaction will depend on its risk classification.  See Selling Goods and Services to External Customers.