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SOC 3821: Sociology of Community Research Guide

Fall 2017

Start Here

You can start your search using the Library's Articles & Books search. From there, move on to the specific databases. If you are not getting good results, remember that adjusting your search terms can make a big difference. It helps to make a written list of possible terms and add to it once you have begun your search and start to see what terms are commonly used to describe your topic.


How to Find an Article When You Know its Citation

Once you have found one article that works for you, take a look at the references in the bibliography at the end of the article. Some of these articles may also work for you.

Paste the title of the article in the Articles & Books search box on the Library homepage. Make sure to double check the citation to see if it's the same article. We may not have access to every article that you are looking for.

If there's something that you think is essential for your paper that we don't have access to, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. It usually takes about 3-5 days to get your article.


Or, search for the article in Google Scholar. Make sure that you're logged in to MyU. Articles we have access to will have a FindIt@UMD link that will take you to the article.

Databases A-Z and Databases By Subject