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CRIM 4340: Race, Crime and Justice: Immigration & Emigration

Resources for students enrolled in the Race, Crime and Justice course

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You may also want to browse these general call number areas:

Emigration & Immigration -

JV 6001 - 9480: Emigration and immigration; international migration


Economic History - 

HC 10 - 1085: Economic history and conditions


For a more specific outline of call number areas, clichere.

Immigration & Emigration Articles

Use the Articles & Books search on the Library homepage to search for articles on immigration and emigration topics. Then use the databases here and in the box on the right to do additional searching.

Background Information

These are just a few books that can give you some background information. 

Economic History Articles

Often immigration and emigration are related to economic factors. These databases will help you with your research into economic history. For a full list of databases pertaining to business and economics, see here.