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SSP 1052: College Writing Strategies: Find Articles

Library resources and tools for students in SSP 1052.

Getting Started

Start your research with our general databases: they cover most topics, and include articles from academic journals, magazines, and news sources.

All Databases

Using Find It

If the article is not available in full-text within the database click the icon (available in many of the database) to help you retrieve the full-text article. Another window will open to MNCAT Discovery.

After clicking the UMD Find It icon, if the article is not available online or in the library, MNCAT Discovery will say "Check availability":

  • If you are not already logged into your library account, click Sign in to request
  • Click Interlibrary Loan and log in using your UMD credentials.
  • Choose "date needed by" and your department.
  • Submit your request.

If you need assistance contact a librarian.

Do you have more questions about FindIt? Check out this video from UMN Libraries on the subject


Find an article your professor asked you to read!

1.    Obtain article citation (journal title, article title, author, year, volume issue, pages)
2.    Go to the UMD Library home page (http://www.)
3.    Click on Journals tab
4.    Search for the name of JOURNAL (not article) and select "E-Journal Locator." 
5.    Find the JOURNAL in the results list. Find a database that has the year you need & click on that database.
6.    Click on the “Full text from” link, which will take you to the database
7.    Browse your way to the article using the information you have (particularly year, volume, issue, page).

See the tutorial below for an example!