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MKTG 4741: Developing & Marketing New Products

Spring 2015, for Linda Rochford

Research Guide

Selected Sources for New Products

Business Periodical Databases
Other Periodical Databases
Marketing Databases
Search Engines
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How to Use these Databases

Your New Products assignment has three different research elements requiring you to search for different sorts of information.

Your first step is to locate a recently launched new product.  You may have one in mind from your previous experience.  If not, you will need to find one via our databases.

For this purpose, a regular Google or Bing search could be your first option, followed by searching the Business Periodical Databases listed below, plus NewsStand.  Search phrases like "new product" or "launch" or related terms should be used.

Once you have identified new products of interest, the second step is to gather data on how these particular products have performed since their launch.  Again, search the Business Periodical Databases listed below, but this time search under  the brand name of product.  If you get too many hits, limit your search with key words like "sales" or "market share." Be aware that many products are "below the RADAR" of the business literature. Information on certain products, and products produced by private companies can be impossible to find.

In addition, you should search our Passport Database (formerly known as the"Global Marketing Information Database -- GMID") also listed below. In this database, do a keyword text search for the brand name, category of product, or company that makes the product.  If you want data from the US, be sure to limit your results to the United States.

Next, if your assignment requires gathering data on a possible foreign launch of this new product, again work with the Business Databases and search for brand name, product category, or company name in a particular country.  Searching the Passport will be very important in this step.  The Passport has marketing information on over 50 major countries.  This includes country specific category reports like "bottled water" , "beer" or "consumer electronics." Companies making these products are also profiled.  Be sure to note other important reports including the "Consumer Lifestyle" reports, the "Retailing" reports, and even "Internet Retailing" reports for each country."

Depending on the requirements of your assignment, you may need to more more information beyond the GMID Consumer Lifestyle reports.  If so, these sources, many located in our UMD Library Reference Collection may also be helpful:

Key International Reference Books

topBusiness Periodical Databases

Business Insights:  Essentials

Business Insights: Essentials
Company & industry news linked to electronic reference books. Contains histories, market shares, rankings, industry surveys, and investment reports.  Note, use company, industry overviews and article search options.




Business Source Premier
Full text of over 3,400 business periodicals. This is our largest business database. It provides our best access to scholarly journals. It also has special reports, including "SWOT" analysis. Note the "company profiles" tab, which will allow you to access over 5,000 Marketline Company Profiles.  Do keyword searches for articles. Also contains thousands of industry overview reports from MarketLine. Reports are both country specific and global



Contains the full text of newspaper articles from over 350 titles going back over 30 years. NewsStand provides our only source of electronic access to the Wall Street JournalSearch for keywords.

Lexis Nexis

Offers searching of court rules, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, and U.S. Supreme Court briefs, among others. Search by keywords or browse by content, materials or topic.

WestlawNext also contains more than 4,900 News and business information publications. This is a key source for news and trade publications.

top Other Periodical Databases

google scholar

Google Scholar
Indexes scholarly literature. Strong in the areas of medicine, engineering, the sciences, and business. Provides relevancy rankings based on the citation patterns of the articles. Sources are linked to UMD Library electronic holdings via "Find It."   Search for keywords.


MasterFile Premier

MasterFile Premier
Contains popular and general interest magazines covering a broad range of disciplines. Many business topics can be researched here as well. Over 2600 titles are indexed, with over 1950 titles available in full text.


top Marketing Databases


Passport Database (formerly GMID)
An integrated on-line information system providing key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets, and consumers. The Passport contains over a million demographic, economic, and marketing statistics for 205 countries worldwide. The database also contains 6-year historic market size data for more than 330 consumer products in 52 countries, plus 5-year forecasts. To access thousands of international company profiles in Passport, click on "Browse Reports," and then click on "Company Profiles."

Use Text Search mode.  Note that you can filter results by country, category, etc.

This is a VERY Key Source


Mintel Reports
Database containing over 600 consumer product and service marketing reports. Most are US and UK based. They are full of amazing detail and analysis.
Use keyword searches. You may find some particular products mentioned along with consumer demographics and psychographics.




Search Engines




The Google is the first place to go to search the web.

"Bing" is Microsoft's much improved Search Engine


Citation Information

How to Cite your Sources





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