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PSY 3021: Experimental Design and Methodology: Commercial (Published)

Published Test Resources

Resources for locating commercial tests. These resources show you who owns the test. Check the Internet for current prices from the publisher.

Keyser, Daniel J. (1958-2005). Test critiques. Kansas City, MO : Test Corporation of America.
REF BF176 .T419 1985 Vols. 1-11

Reviews of the most frequently used psychological, educational, and business tests. Each test includes the test title, author, introduction, practical   applications/uses, technical aspects, critique and references as well as the reviewers name and institution. Indexes include: test titles, test publishers (address and phone number), test authors/reviewers and subject index. Each new volume cumulates all of the indexes previously  covered.

Mental measurements yearbook and supplements. (1938 - 2010). (1st - 18th ed.) Highland Park, N.J. : The Mental Measurements Yearbook.
REF BF431 .B8X

Provides reviews to commercially produced English language tests. Often referred to as "Buros Mental Measurements" after the first editor.  Information included with each test is test title, purpose, population, publication date, acronym, scores ( starting in 1985), administration, price,  time comments, authors, publisher, cross references as well as the review and references used to reviewer. Each volume includes the following  indexes: title, acronyms, classified subject index, publishers directory, index of names (test author, reviewer and references), and score index. The categories for the classified subject index are achievement, behavior assessment, development, education, English, Fine Arts, intelligence and scholastic aptitude, mathematics, miscellaneous, multi-aptitude, neuropsychological, personality, reading, sensory-motor, social studies, speech   and hearing, and vocations. No cumulative index is available. Test are reviewed only if a newer revision is made. Search online through the Buros Center for Testing ( web site on the Test Reviews Online find information on a test and the publisher.

Maddox, Taddy. (2008). Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business. (6th ed.). Austin, Tex. : Pro-Ed.
REF BF176 .T43 2008

Provides information regarding tests available for use by psychologists, educators, and human resource personnel but does not review or evaluate. Tests are arranged broadly by psychology, education and business and each section in divided into narrower categories. Each entry includes test title, author, age, purpose, description, time to administer, type of scoring, cost and publisher. Indexes include: test title, out-of-print tests,    hearing-impaired, physically impaired, visually impaired, foreign language availability, computer-scored, author and publisher/distributor.

Murphy, Linda A. (2011). Tests in print VIII: an index to tests, test reviews, and the literature on specific tests. Lincoln, Neb.: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska-Lincoln : Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press.
REF LB3051 .T4 2011

This source lists commercially published tests which are still available for purchase. Tests are arranged in alphabetical order. Indexes include: 1.  MMY Test Reviewers including the edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook that the review appeared in. 2. Index of Titles (both in print and out of print tests) including location of tests found in Tests in Print III and MMY Yearbooks from the 9-11th editions. 3. Index of Recently Out-Of-Print Tests. 4. Index of Acronyms with reference to test number. 5. Classified Subject Index - 19 major classifications with tests arranged  alphabetically within each category referring to Test In Print IV test number . The classifications are: Achievement, Behavior Assessment,   Developmental, Education, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude, Mathematics, Miscellaneous, Multi-Aptitude   Batteries, Neuropsychological, Personality, Reading, Science, Sensory-Motor, Social Studies, Speech and Hearing, and Vocations. 6. Publishers   Directory and Index including address and test numbers. 7. Index of Names - indicates whether a citation refers to authorship of test, a test   review, or a reference for a specific test. 8. Score Index lists all the scores, in alphabetical order, for all the tests in the current volume. "If the kind    of score sought is located in a particular test or tests, the reader should then read the test descriptive information carefully to determine whether    the test(s) in which the score is found is (are) consistent with reader purpose." Tests in Print II-VI are kept to verify older tests.

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