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(DATE - ROUX) This guide will help you find newspaper or magazine articles for your assignment.

Your Assignment...

Here are the steps to finding a magazine or newspaper article that you would like to evaluate!

1.  Figure out what science topic might be of interest to you.  For example, breast cancer, diabetes, smoking, etc.

2.  You will be required to find your article using one of the library databases.  Choose one of the general databases to do a search in (choose a database from the Find Articles tab above, but please read the rest of the tips below before you begin your search).

3.  Enter in your search term into the first box and perform a search.

4.  From your results list, you can limit your view so you only see magazine or newspaper articles.  Please only look at magazine and newspaper articles for this assignment. In Academic Search Premier mark Magazines and Newspapers on the left hand side. In Academic OneFile, click on either the Academic Journals or News link on the left hand side.

5.  Find an article that looks interesting to you.  Click on the article title for more information.  Full text may be available in HTML or PDF format.  If the full text of the article is not available in Academic Search Premier or Academic OneFile, click on the FindIt button to see if UMD owns the article electronically.  For this assignment, if it looks like UMD doesn't own any electronic copy please choose another article.

6. Save the article as a PDF file.  Print your own copy if you prefer to read an actual paper version.  Please read it and critique it using the CRAAP Test worksheet provided in class. When answering the questions, please provide evidence from the article to support your yes or no answers. It may be helpful to answer the questions using a different text color.

7. Please upload your article and your evaluation of the CRAAP Test worksheet to Moodle by 2PM on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.


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