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A guide to assist students with effective source evaluation and methods to identify use parts of any study, work or reference.

Links to Articles

For today's exercise, we are going to be evaluating three different articles to look at their value for research.

To view Article #2, Click on the "View Online" tab and select a source:

I have provided a link and a PDF for Article #3:

Resource Evaluation Criteria (as used by librarians)

What is the author's motivation?

  • Why is the author writing this article? To inform and educate? To convince you of a specific view point? To sell something?

Who is the author (s)? What are their credentials?

  • Can you find more information about the author including publication history, education, biography, work history? 
  • What makes the author qualified to discuss the topic?

What evidence are they using?  Are you providing links, citations or reference points?

  • Are they using popular sentiment and rumor to justify claims, or providing facts, figures and studies?
  • If they are using facts, figures and/or studies, do they provide links to those studies?
  • Could you look at the same resource to verify the claims?

Who is the audience for this article?

  • Is it for the general public, academic researchers, children, or a certain group of people?

Who is the publisher?

  • Is the publisher/host a web page, an academic press, a how-to-guide, a click-bait site?
  • What is the purpose of that publisher's product? To sell a product or ideology? Is the publisher affiliated with a cause, institution, or with a specific mindset?

What is the publication date of this information?

  • Is it a recent article containing up to date information?
  • Could the subject matter changed since publication?




To establish credibility for a scholarly article, which is not a critical component?
Authority: 0 votes (0%)
Background: 0 votes (0%)
Date of Publicatoin: 0 votes (0%)
Sports Team Affiliation: 0 votes (0%)
Purpose of Article: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0

Evaluation Questions